Richard & Mitzi
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11910 Suite I, Parklawn Dr., Rockville, MD  20852  Tel# 301-468-2582
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Wecome to Rendezvous... where
Dance, Fitness, Events & You Meet...
The dance studio business in America has been booming since the 1950s with the birth
and growth of international franchises such as the Fred Astaire and Arthur Murray dance
studios.  Recently. Ballroom dancing has been boosted by ABC's hit show, "Dancing
With the Stars".  Other styles of dance gained further recognition through the television
show, "So You Think You Can Dance".  These studios and television shows focus on the
competitive dance student.

However, another type of dance is growing even faster - social dance. Social dance is
inviting to people who simply enjoy the music, fun, and friendship of dancing with others
in a social setting. The most popular social dances include Swing, Hustle, Country,
Salsa, Line Dance, West Coast Swing, and Ballroom. West Coast Swing has been seen
recently on dance TV shows such as, "25 Seconds to Fame" and "Dance Fever".
Similarly, a visit to local Salsa club on a Friday night finds many social dancers in the
heat of Salsa, Merengue and Cha Cha dancing until nearly dawn.  Salsa gained
popularity from the movie industry in "Havana Nights," "About Polly," "Boat Trip," and
"Dance With Me."  Swing is a timeless classic seen in Gap commercials. Tango has been
shown in movies such as "Scent of a Woman," "Assassination Tango," and even a
Bridgestone tire commercial.

The American public is drawn to activities and products that they see on the big screen.  
They all need somewhere fun and social to learn to dance, and Rendezvous Social
Dance and Fitness is that place. Founded in July 2005 by Barry Durrand , Rachelle
Schiffli, and Steve Zaloga , it is the place for social dance in this area.  New owners,
Richard and "Mitzi" Majuk, took over in March  2011, and have continued the overall
mission of the founders, while incorporating their own unique vision, events and services
at Rendezvous.

We are more than a dance studio.  We feature Dance Fitness with classes in Zumba,
Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning and Zumba Kids, as well as Belly Dancing, Bolywood, Hula,
French Kickboxing, TURBO Kickboxing and Total Body Conditioning.   In the past, we've
promoted Pilates, Body Pump, Line Dancing, Hip Hop and other fitness / dance forms
that can promote health and wellness in our dancers.  American advertisers repeatedly
market fad and quick diets to consumers, but research shows it is tough for consumers
to stay with a plan long term.  Dance Fitness is a fun and social way to improve
cardiovascular health benefits and is a significant portion of the club's activities.

Rendezvous is different. It's a Club! We feature classes in Ballroom and all the Social
dances with the emphasis on "SOCIAL" and "CLUB".  Fun social dance parties and
practices are held several nights a week and on the weekends.  Club members enjoy
benefits such as the freedom to choose their classes, discounts, and special parties. We
offer classes taught in English and in Spanish to reach a wide range of the community.
We are a friendly, non-smoking environment much less threatening than a typical bar
scene and significantly less intimidating than the standard Ballroom dance studio.  
Rendezvous is the place to gather with friends and meet new ones all with a common
hobby - the fun of dance and fitness!

Presently, Rendezvous is now offering more Dance & Fitness Classes each week. We
did numerous partnerships with Charity Organizations and did some Charity Fund
Raising Events for the needy. We also won THE BEST in 2013 and 2014 in Dance &
Fitness Category in Rockville MD.

HEALTHIER in the most FUN WAY!!!
All About Rendezvous
Meaning of the Word RENDEZVOUS

ren·dez·vous - ˈrändəˌvo͞o,ˈrändāˌvo͞o/

noun: rendezvous; plural noun: rendezvous

1. a meeting at an agreed time and place, typically between two people.
synonyms:        meeting, appointment, assignation

"Eleanor was late for their rendezvous"
a place used for a rendezvous.
a place, typically a bar or restaurant, that is used as a popular meeting place.

verb: rendezvous; 3rd person present: rendezvouses; past tense: rendezvoused;
past participle: rendezvoused; gerund or present participle: rendezvousing at an agreed time and place.
"I rendezvoused with Bea as planned"
synonyms:        meet, come together, gather, assemble
"the bar where they had agreed to rendezvous"
About Richard and Mitzi
Rendezvous is the first place places where Richard and Mitzi went to ealry in 2007. Richard was the
one who dances socially first, in fact this is the reason why he met Mitzi who was only invited by a friend.
Seeing Richard dance and being exposed to the world of Social Dancing, Mitzi expressed her interest
to learn to dance. Richard then brought her to Rendezvous to learn to dance sometime in May 2007.
Later in 2007, Richard had gone abroad in Iraq to do a project related to his interest in International
Development. Mitzi continued to dance at Rendezvous, learning first the dances that Richard loves,
West Coast Swing and Hustle. Mitzi became a VIP member at Rendezvous in December 2007 and had
joined all the classes offered, Ballroom, Salsa, Belly Dance and even Zumba Fitness which was new in
ealry 2008 at Rendezvous. Rendezvous had become Mitzi's second home finding warm friends,
becoming healthier, happier and growing more confident socially.  Richard had continued to work
abroad on and off for the next 3 years or so. Mitzi and Richard got married in June of 2010.

When talk about Rendezvous closing sometime later in 2010, Mitzi decided to see if she and Richard
could continue Rendezvous, the home that Mitzi had grown to love. Finally, in March 8, 2011 Mitzi and
Richard owned Rendezvous officially. Richard came back from Baghdad sometimem in May 2010 to
help manage Rendezvous. TRULY, it has been a ride!  From having two Social Dance Nights, together
they've grown to offer 5-6 Social Dance Nights and from two Dance Fitness Classes a week,
Rendezvous is now offerring 17 Zumba and other Fitness Classes a Week. Rendezvous had done so  
many Charity Events in the past 3 years and had been awarded the Best of 2013 and 2014 in Dance &
Fitness Categiry in Rickville, MD, USA.

Rendezvous is now planning to expand the classes more in 2014. More variety, additional age groups,
more types of dances and fitness. ALL Geared towards FUN Dance & Fitness...Welcome!